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How to Make Vegan Bagels, Lox and Cream Cheese

Vegan Lox and Cream Cheese

Just came across a fantastic recipe (and idea) for making vegan bagels and lox!

The NOSHER reports on Vegetable-based lox, which is prepared with careful attention to flavor and texture: you can slow roast whole carrots in a bed of salt, or slice them thinly, marinate, and roast. If you’d prefer tomatoes, try marinating them in kelp, liquid smoke and soy sauce. When you’re a vegan, or a simply a vegetable-lover , few things feel as triumphant as spinning a whole vegetable into something that meat-eaters will envy.

DIY vegan cream cheese is just as essential, and super easy. Most recipes are cashew or coconut-milk based, so they’re paleo and potentially nut-free. Just remember to plan ahead a few days so that you can soak your cashews or chill the coconut milk. Jazz it up with fresh dill, garlic, or even some fresh horseradish.

After all this vegetable and nut sorcery, you’ll probably opt to purchase your vegan bagels. Most bagels are vegan, but watch out for ingredients like honey, eggs (egg wash is common), or whey.

Read a collection of favorite vegan lox and cream cheese recipes here. Let us know what you think–is carrot ‘lox’ the next big thing? Happy noshing!

Vegan lox


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