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True Bakery open at the Good Food Hub in downtown Casper, WY

The bagels boiled six-at-a-time in a bubbling concoction of sugar and baking soda. Every 60 seconds, Bill Brockley would flip or fish them out and then add more to the brew.

“It’s classic New York style: really crusty outside — very soft, spongy interior,” Brockley said. He wore a flour-dusted apron and blue plastic gloves.

His new business, True Bakery, is serving up pastries, bagels, bread and more in downtown Casper.

 A written chalkboard menu of the bakery. Abigail Landwehr

A written chalkboard menu of the bakery.
Abigail Landwehr

On Tuesday, it became the first vendor to open at the Good Food Hub, Wyoming Food For Thought’s commercial kitchen at 420 W. First Street. True Bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.

True Bakery specializes in baked goods sourced from a sourdough culture Brockley started about four years ago.

Everything is locally sourced, and made from scratch. That’s where the name “true” comes from, Brockley said.

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