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The Bagel Joint: Wakin’ & Bakin’ Fresh & Local for 3 Years


Have you ever bitten into a fresh bagel?

If you’ve lived in Tucson your whole life, it’s possible you haven’t. Some bagel chains bake frozen par-baked bagels — you’d be hard-pressed to find any baker’s yeast on site.

However, walk into the Bagel Joint at 7315 N. Oracle Rd. and chances are you’ll see owner and Bostonian Michael Rudner in plain view forming fresh bagels.

“If the ‘open sign’ is on, then I’m here,” Rudner said.

Since the Bagel Joint opened in May 2015, Rudner has been the one wakin’ and bakin’ (it’s on his shirt). As bagels deplete through the day, he bakes more to maintain a warm, fresh supply.


Speaking of quirky catch phrases, the Bagel Joint’s menu also states “if it ain’t boiled… it ain’t a bagel.” Rudner makes bagels mostly the old-fashioned way — the boiling vat uses brown sugar.

“I don’t use any lye in the boiling process,” Rudner said. “All it really does is make the bagels more brown. I know it’s harmless in small amounts, but I don’t see the need to add it if it’s not good for you in larger amounts.”

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