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Shegetz Bagels: Coffee & A Nosh In San Francisco From Ben Kaminsky

When you think about Ben Kaminsky, you think about coffee. You think about his years spent fine-tuning the roast and roasting process for Ritual Coffee Roasters; you think about the three US Cup Tasters Championships he has hanging from his belt; you think about simple, beautiful coffee and the man who’s helped bring it to the forefront. But, do you think about bagels? Do you think about perfect, uniquely San Francisco-style circles of dough, smeared with cream cheese and lox and served from behind the counter of an upscale pizza parlor in San Francisco’s Outer Mission? If not, well, then it’s time to start doing so. It’s time to start thinking about Shegetz Bagels.

Kaminsky, now a traveling coffee consultant for new roasters and shops the world over, has always been an avid home baker. “Obviously, it appeals to the side of my brain that likes measuring things,” Kaminsky told me. “Baking always appealed to me because bakers are so diligent about measuring and consistency,” he says. When the idea for Shegetz Bagels popped up, Kaminsky had been tooling around with baking croissants and bagels with his friend and professional baker Alex Rogers. When Rogers departed his position at San Francisco’s 20th Century Cafe, the two stepped up their dedication to creating what they believed to be an exemplary bagel.


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