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No Twist Here: These Bagels in Malta Will Please Even Downstaters

Did you ever eat something so satisfying, you wish you could eat it all over again as soon as you took the last bite?

Twisted Bagel is in the shopping center not far from the excellent Jimmy’s Pizza. It’s an unassuming glass-fronted store with a few tables out front. The best part is inside.

Photo by Caroline Lee

Photo by Caroline Lee

It’s small and tidy, with just a waiting area and a few stools at the window counter. Straight ahead are the goods: a multitude of bagel varieties, both old favorites and some cheeky, fresh interpretations. We edged closer for a better look.

In addition to the old friends such as everything, poppy and cinnamon raisin, on this day they had French toast, blueberry, and cheddar jalapeño. They even had egg bagels, which I don’t often see, and gluten-free.

Twisted Bagel is open for breakfast and lunch, and that’s what’s on the menu. You can get a standard breakfast sandwich with two eggs and cheese ($3.95), or a hand-formed hamburger with cheese, bacon and all the fixings ($9.25).

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