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The Iconic Everything Bagel Gets a Dessert Makeover

everything doughnut

The Doughnut Project, which boasts other unique creations such as a beet ricotta and olive oil and black pepper doughnut, has unveiled its newest creation that’s taking NYC by storm: The Everything Doughnut.

The Everything Doughnut is a yeast doughnut with a sweet cream cheese glaze, topped with oven-roasted black sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds, pepitas, and sea salt, according to Gothamist.

Troy Neal, cofounder of The Doughnut Project, tells Gothamist, “People are already arguing about it, which I think is wonderful. I knew we kind of hit a chord a little bit because not everybody’s on board, or they’re a little skeptical about what it’s going to be like. Our idea is to straddle that fence between the salty and the sweet and this was one that definitely does that.”

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