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This giant pizza bagel takes 24 hours to be made and served in Queens

Gimmicky, for-social-media foodie trends are everywhere these days but, sometimes, a truly wonderful one lands on our feed that is actually deserving of our attention.

Case in point: the giant pizza bagel served at Utopia Bagels in Queens, NY.

bit about the process: After rolling the dough, the staff at Utopia lets it sit in the fridge for 24 hours and then cooks it the same way they would a bagel—on a board (albeit a custom, huge one) inside a rotating oven that allows for easy flipping. After retrieving the cooked bread and scooping it out to prevent the pizza from becoming too thick, it’s time for the sauce (a homemade one prepared following a “secret” recipe), the cheese and another round in the oven. 

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